Consulting and procedures for companies and start-ups

Consultation and notarial procedures for companies and start-ups: from the birth of a company to a change in business plan from the inclusion of new partners to the transfer of shares, transformations, mergers or demergers.


How the Notary Office works

Transparency, confidentiality and clear support at every step of the way. Notary Campus follows each of her clients with precise attention, giving complete and comprehensible information with kindness and empathy.

The thoroughness of the team that supports Notary Campus is complemented by an approach that is always professional, dynamic and attentive to the timing of each request. Thanks to the use of new technologies, the Notary’s office offers remote working consultations that make the relationship between notary and clientele agile and optimised in every aspect.

Establishment of a company

Legal assistance in all stages of establishment of a company with preparation of relevant public deeds.

Company Meeting Minutes

Drafting of any type of meeting minutes after consulting and assisting each individual request.

Transformations, Mergers and Demergers

Advising on the documents to be prepared for the chosen transaction and preparing all the necessary documentation prior to the signing of the deed.

Business transfers and leases

Assistance in the stages for temporary or final transfer of a business: sale for consideration or free of charge, contribution to a company, lease of a branch or the entire business.

Transfer of shares

Authentication of share transfer deed with clear and transparent advice at all stages of the transaction.


Preparation of contracts for mortgage loan portability transfer.

Generational Transition Counseling

Specialised and specially formulated counseling for the transfer of corporations and family businesses to heirs.

Other Services

Sales, donations, divisions, mortgages brokerage agreements and all types of contracts.

Notarial assistance for foreigners in German, English and French.

Consultation and preparation of all acts related to inheritance.

Signing and submitting appeals in cases of incapacitated minors.

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The Studio Campus is located in via Episcopio 3 in Tempio Pausania, its historic location, just a short distance away from Via Roma and Corso Matteotti.